I've built a blog again šŸŽ‰

Starting January 2019, I've cut out one day each week to work on things for myself. The main goal here is building things I didn't get out of my head over the last years. Ideas that will haunt you every other week, because in your mind the potential is huge and nobody has made the effort to build them yet.

Money isn't much of a driving factor here ā€” I'm more interested in seeing how far I can take those ideas and if they are worth pursuing. If it all goes awry, at least I learned a bunch about businesses and marketing along the way, which is something I've wanted to explore in more detail for a long time now.

Of course it all starts with building the product(s) and getting the word out, however I think it's also a good opportunity to start writing about the process. If not for anyone else, at least I'll have the chance to go back in time later.

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