Obstacles, money and preserving focus

While building my first product I have to touch many areas of building a product I usually don't have much contact with. Just to name a few, there are taxes, marketing and legal documents that need to be addressed. it's not easy to split attention between those but it is even harder not to let problems in one of those areas block your productivity in others.

Building a business means encountering unexpected problems.
When encountering a problem in one of those areas it is important not to be paralyzed by it. A lot of times small obstacles seem unsurmountable in the beginnning. We all know that from other parts of our lives, overthinking things, avoiding them and so on. Until we've gone through them — Which is the point where they look small and we wonder why we thought of them as hard problems in the first place.
There is always work to be done in other areas of your business and instead of getting caught up in a problem, you should focus on what you can do right now.

Bootstrapping a business means spending money beforehand.
When bootstrapping you have to invest money/time before you see any results at all. That seems like a scary thing to do sometimes, because the amount of money you have to spend before being able to present a 'finished' product adds up quickly. While building an MVP might be rather straightforward, there are things like legal terms, accountants and more that require you to invest some money. The scary part is that at this point, you still can't say for sure that what you are building will be a success and if your money will be well spent.
Just like when you encounter seemingly big problems I think it's important to keep calm and follow your initial idea. In hindsight that money will be either well spent on what you learned or well spent on a successful product. Either way if you don't spend it, you will never know and that's even worse.

Keeping your focus is key.
It's easy to get carried away by the different obstacles that come up along the way and maybe even question the entire endeavour. Sticking to a 'just build it' mentality helps me not to overthink or overreact when problems occur. I think the most important lesson for me so far was to just stick to the plan, keeping my cool and focus on what I can do right now. You can always figure out the rest as you go.

PS: Rob Walling wrote about speedbumps vs. roadblocks not long ago, which goes in the same direction and resonated with me. Highly recommend Rob's article.

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